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What Our Downloaders Say

We hear and thank all our downloaders around the world for the constructive feedbacks. Keep sending your feedbacks and comments for us to improve further.

I just fall in love with how easy to browse through this app. It’s almost perfect. I love the interface, facilities, information and everything this app has offered. Overall, worth the data!

FyazureenB, iOS

Overall, it’s a wonderful bug-free app. But please let the adzan notifications play the full adzan instead of a short one, there should be an option to choose the full or short version!

ImanSazly, iOS

Really love the app. so convenient to use. the interface is beautifully designed. congrats to the team!

aidazailan, iOS

If the Al-Quran can be viewed (put as a choice) in the form of pages would be nicer cuz i love to read when in the form of pages. Navigation of the app can be improve to make it much more user friendly. Some of the features quite hidden. Overall it’s a great app.

hxxiq, iOS

Excellent and exactly what I need. This apps gives the essential things I need. Accurate adzan notification, nearby musollah and mosques, complete Quran to refer, acknowledged reciters, qiblat direction and more. May Allah bless those who makes this apps a reality. Thank you.

ShaEyza, iOS

Love the Simplicity, Very user friendly with all the information needed under one click. Love to see the apps can provide halal food options if travel overseas

zaf94, iOS

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