TheNoor App, a shariah guided company

Noor lights up the life of every muslim and will be an app that's handy and accessible at any point of time. Available on iOS, Android and Huawei devices.

TheNoor App, precise solat timing app

GPS positioning locates and determines your prayer timing based on location. Heads up with weather updates while heading to the nearest mosque or musollah.

TheNoor App, modern and user friendly al-quran player

Vibrant & contemporary Al-Quran player with multi-reciter selections. Listen to your favorite surah by replacing your in-car entertainment or treat it as on the go player.

TheNoor App, Visa e-wallet app

TheNoor Pay makes it easier to go cashless and keep track of your spendings. Coming soon, subject to Bank Negara Malaysia's approval.

TheNoor App, Touch'nGo membership cards

Limited Edition signatured T'nG cards, specially crafted with words of wisdom. It's more than just a membership!

TheNoor App, Can You See The Light official song of TheNoor

Can You See The Light is the official theme song for TheNoor App. Yes, Vocal Matters!